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Why Does Your Business Require Payroll And HR Service?

The subject of payroll and HR administration has proven to be laborious, challenging, and resource-consuming, especially when administered through an internal team but on a multi-national level, due to the intricate, complex statutory frameworks and ever-changing laws that differ by country. The scale of business operational challenges has never been greater than it is today, and this issue is intensified when it comes to human capital, which is giving HR departments of practically every organisation migraines.

A decade ago, the continual effort of discovering, attracting, and filtering potential staff did not exist. With such a large number of job searchers pounding on HR’s doors these days, the problem is figuring out how to filter the top candidates from the rest of the crowd which itself is a time-intensive task that puts tremendous pressure on a company’s hiring resources. Our cutting-edge staffing and HR resource solutions are specifically designed to help businesses manage the difficulties of today’s fast-paced business climate. Our consultants are talented and knowledgeable in specific industry areas, allowing them to fully comprehend the projects.

Benefits At A Glance

Before you bite the bullet, have a look at the undeniable benefits of outsourcing payroll and HR services. You just cannot say a ‘NO’ to these amazing benefits that come with our solution-oriented services tailored to specific organisations’ requirements.

Enhanced Hiring Quality

When your organisation decides to outsource HR activities, one of the key benefits is that your hiring will improve. It means you’ll be able to hire well-trained employees with little work on your part because the agency will handle everything. You can avoid the most common hiring blunders and ensure that your organisation has the finest employees performing at their best.

Employee Performance Management

Employee growth is aided by an organisation’s overall success. When compared to a setup where these things are handled internally, the overall quality and speed to deliver often improve when you have an HR services provider. Staff performance is frequently monitored by outsourcing companies, which also assists in employee training. As a result, the in-house HR team’s administrative obligations are significantly reduced.

Save Valuable Time

A significant advantage of HR outsourcing is time savings. You can save a significant amount of time that would otherwise be consumed by extended HR activities, such as recruitment, employee remuneration, and other administrative tasks. Businesses are not ignorant of the obligations and documentation associated with HR functions, and these duties can enormously be tedious. As a result, saving time is an immediate benefit of HR outsourcing.

A Global Workforce

This HR outsourcing incentive is hugely valuable to small and medium-sized firms. While start-ups and small companies have fewer resources than big organisations, outsourcing HR can help them expand. Regardless of size, finding, attracting, and retaining talent is critical to a company’s success. The key advantage of HR outsourcing is having access to experts who are familiar with various employee benefit plans, insurance plans, market trends, and so on.

Compliance & Risk Management

Your Human resource professionals can have peace of mind knowing that all regulatory requirements are met in all locations where your business operates by using our global payroll and HR administration services, which come with assured local compliance. Our in-country HR and payroll professionals, backed by our in-house legal and tax advisors, ensure that there is never a case of non-compliance.

Improve Visibility & Control At A Global Level By Centralising The Payroll & HR Services Under One Global Service Provider

We are prepared to offer your domestic and global HR teams a full spectrum of HR administration and payroll  support. From general duties such as personal profiles management and contractual agenda preparation to more specialised HR, taxation, social protection, and cross-border migration consulting, we help you make well-informed decisions and address the problems that come with managing HR on a multi-country level.

Our Comprehensive Suite Of Payroll & HR Services

OSIPL commits itself to client service and makes HR & payroll operations for your organisation as simple, streamlined, and fast as possible. We will help your organisation with crucial jobs such as but not limited to onboarding and off-boarding process, employee performance management, data collection and payroll calculation, administration of benefits and bonuses, payslips distribution and payment administration, payroll and HR online portal management, statutory reporting, management reporting, and hotline support.

We are always ready to extend full-range support related to HR administration and employment to your local as well as global HR teams ranging from general tasks such as personal file management and contractual agenda preparation to more defined HR, taxation, social security, or cross-border mobility consulting that assists your HR people in making well-informed choices and overcoming all barriers involved in managing HR on a multi-country tier.



Our goal is to give you a comprehensive HR solution that combines the skills of our in-depth knowledge and effectiveness as HR professionals with the expertise of corporate finance, management consulting, legal, and accounting professionals.

Latest HR Technology

We use a single web-based system to handle all of our HR functions, such as payroll, onboarding, and workforce reporting. It is a comprehensive workforce management solution that assists clients in their current phase while also allowing for future enhancements if necessary. We can create a customised report for you if you need one.

Single Point Of Contact

Clients are allocated a special personal service representative who will be their single point of contact in case a service-related issue arises. You will have easy and fast access to HR personnel for all of your HR needs, including HR concerns, state-specific and industry-related labour law questions/needs, and fully customised documentation.

Payroll Data Security

The incorporation of technology is explicitly connected with enhanced customer experience. The technology that we deploy will allow you to keep your payroll data secure and available only to those who have been authorised to access it. We place a premium on the security features we offer, and we do so by taking our clients’ business requirements into account.

Quick & Efficient Response

Clear communication is as important to us as it is to you for running smoother business operations at all levels. We keep our team highly responsive to your latest business requirements by establishing strong communication and transparency at all times. We make sure to give you the quickest response time and action time to help resolve your issues.

Your Growth Partner

We have helped businesses like yours expand from a few people to teams that span many time zones. We understand the need of operating lean, just like every successful business owner. This is why, at each level of your business’s growth, we have built a pricing structure that understands your desire to only pay for what you really need.

Focus On Core Business While A Reliable Service Provider Handles All Aspects Of Your Personnel.

If you are experiencing difficulties with your company’s HR team, you should start thinking about outsourcing as a viable option for resolving issues that your team can’t resolve.

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